Holi, Festival of Colors

crayola supplies

  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Construction Paper

household supplies

  • recycled newspaper
  • paper towels
  • container(s) of water


The Hindu festival of Holi is fun and filled with color. Mark this Indian holiday in a vibrant way with authentic designs.


  1. 1. The festival of Holi is a special time that signals the end of winter and the coming of spring. It is called the Festival of Colors because bright colors symbolize energy, life, and joy.
  2. 2. Both children and adults do lots of mischievous fun. Colored powder made from rice is thrown on people. People are also soaked with colored water. Color is everywhere, decorating houses, on floats, at fairs.
  3. 3. Have fun with color on heavy black construction paper. Using Crayola® Sidewalk Chalk, especially red, yellow, and blue, dip the tip of chalk into water. Draw some festive fun, or perhaps authentic rangoli designs. Your picture could include an evening parade in India, a bonfire, or maybe some color-splashed people.

When & Where

"After making Holi chalk drawings, we cooked a traditional coconut in the fireplace. It was delicious!"
- Kiran B., parent of 6- and 9-year-olds.

"Kids splashed dolls with colored water in the water table and drew on the sidewalk with chalk. Diversity with kid appeal!"
- Carol U., child care volunteer.

Interesting Info

The holiday of Holi is kicked off with bonfires burning away the old and cleansing the way for the new. This is not only in symbolic, but is an excellent way to prepare the farm soil for planting and gets rid of broken equipment.

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